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foreign characters being added to the end of urls?

After our website has been live for a while, our 404 monitoring plugin has picked up so many 404 errors. Bing has indexed our webpages with a ":" at then end of each url

as you can see after the last / there is a colon. Ee have not ever used this as a link but Bing seems to have indexed it that way. Does anyone know why this is or how I can fix it without doing 301 redirects?

Bingbot can’t access my centos server websites

I have 2 webservers under the same firewall. One is Windows IIS and the other is a centos with apache and ISPCONFIG. For some reason when I try to add URLs or sitemaps inside bing webmaster tools it does not work with sites runing on the linux server. I have disabled all the local linux firewalls with no success. On a fresh install of Centos + Apache, bing bot can add the site with no errors, but when I finish configuring the server it stop working and I get the following message: Error This may be a momentary issue; try again, or check back later.

I'm pretty sure that is something about firewall but since I turned it off, what else could be blocking the bing access?

Google bot works perfectly well, the main website I'm trying to index is You can see that is indexed with google with no problems.