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Apache Geode – Unable to download binary

I am unable to download Apache Geode, Binary, from all the 3 sites mentioned. Pls help.

Corrupted binary file downloaded from Apache 2

I need to provide for download binary file without extension with size 220bytes on Apache2 web page. Problem is that when file is downloaded it is corrupted, it's size is enlarged to 3851bytes. I tried to set up on directory:

<Directory "/var/www/DirectoryNameWhereisBinaryFile...">
  DefaultType application/octet-stream

But this doesn't help. The only thing which helps is to put file in a zipped format on the server, and after download user must manually unpack it, after unpacking it has correct size 220bytes. How to enable downloading of small binary file without any extension? Is it possible?

What are the relationships between the notions: binary, interpretation, execution, compilation?

I deeply know that these are basic notions, but I would like to note that we can nowdays be 'web developpers' for years without understanding such mandatory notions (due to ready-made tools like Xampp, Wordpress...). I am giving three situations (among tens) where I encounter these concepts with no full understanding.

1. According to Wikipedia:

a binary data is a data in the binary form (bits and bytes) that cannot be interpreted.

But what is interpretation??

2. I also heard a time that PHP is:

a scripting language, not compiled but interpreted. It does not require any platform to be run.

Unlike Java or C #, you just get PHP binary, and run your script.

3. What about 'binary distribution' and 'compilation' as invoked in Apache HTTP server official documentation:

This documentation assumes that you are installing a binary distribution of Apache. If you want to compile Apache yourself (possibly to help with development or tracking down bugs), see Compiling Apache for Microsoft Windows.

Could someone please give to confused people of the community "once-and-for-all" definitions with examples. Highly invaluable.

PIG Could not resolve BinarySerializer using imports

I’m trying to use the following streaming operator to stream binary data into R:

grunt> DEFINE rmacro `/usr/bin/R CMD BATCH RFile.R` input('subset1.RData' USING BinarySerializer()) output('Results.txt')

However, I get an error when I run the code above.

2014-10-28 13:04:20,872 [main] ERROR - ERROR 1070: Could not resolve BinarySerializer using imports: [, java.lang., org.apache.pig.builtin., org.apache.pig.impl.builtin.]

Is there some specific .jar file I need to register?

I’m using: Cloudera: CDH-5.2.0-1.cdh5.2.0.p0.36

$ pig -version

Apache Pig version 0.12.0-cdh5.2.0 compiled Oct 11 2014, 15:46:46