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Python BaseHTTPServer vs Apache and mod_wsgi

I am setting up a very simple HTTP server for the first time, am considering my options, and would appreciate any feedback on the best way to proceed. My goal is pretty simple: I'm not serving any files, I only need to respond to a very specific HTTP POST request that will contain geolocation data, run some Python code, and return the results as JSON. I do need to be able to respond to multiple simultaneous requests. I would like to use HTTPS.

In looking on stackoverflow it seems I can potentially go with BaseHTTPServer and ThreadingMixIn, or Apache and mod_wsgi. I already have Apache installed, but have never configured it. Are there compelling reasons to go the more complicated Apache route (more complicated to me, because I will need to do research on configuring Apache and getting mod_wsgi going but already have a test instance of BaseHTTPServer up and running), or is it equally safe, secure (very important), and performance-oriented to use BaseHTTPServer for something so simple?