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Drupal 7 doesn’t upload images styles

I have a drupal 7 hosted on windows azure as web app.

When I upload an image into a content, my original image is stored in the files folder but its corresponding image styles are not stored (example in the thumbnail folder).

I tried this:

  • Permissions 777/775
  • Comment the following lines in the htaccess located in the files folder:
#Options None
#Options + FollowSymLinks

I have the impression that it is Azure which blocks the writing of the files because the htaccess can be changed only in its own editor and not in my ftp.

Is It Possible To Perform A SQL Database Query As Part Of A WebConfig URL Rewrite Rule?

I'm currently in the process of migrating a PHP website from LAMP Hosting to Microsoft Azure Web Apps Hosting.

The site being migrated uses HTAccess for URL Rewriting purposes; however from what I can tell, Azure does not support the use of HTAccess files (please correct me if I am wrong in this) - instead, it appears that I must use IIS WebConfig for this purposes (a technology that I am not overly familiar with).

Assuming that I have to rewrite the file from HTAccess to WebConfig, the HTAccess file to be rewritten uses Mod_Rewrite and external Rewrite Maps as part of the URL rewriting process. The HTAccess Rewrite Map performs a Database Query as part of this process whereby a URL such as is inputted and then re-written to, i.e. the ID associated with each category name is identified via a Database query.

I've familiarised myself with the basics of Web Config and IIS Rewrite Maps thus far; however I have only encountered tutorials outlining static rewrite rules.

Is it possible to perform database queries using IIS Config - similar to the HT Access scenario outlined above?

If so, can someone please point me in the direction of some tutorials dealing with the topic or provide some sample code.

Any help is much appreciated.

Share a web project between subdomains on Azure Websites

I would like to create the following scenario in my web project, but as I am not pro web developer I don't know how to handle this.

Let's assume that I have project with main domain: and on this I have a links to the following subdomains:

I would like to that every site hosted on subdomains used the same code with only one different parameter sent to the subdomain from main page. This parameter will be a JavaScript variable. I am using Azure Web Sites from my project. The main question here is how to manage the code (now I am using Continuos Integration with GitHub) through these subdomains (the source code for every subdomain would be the same, except this one variable). Where should I start to search / read?

ISAPI Rewrite With Azure Web App

I'm not sure if this is the best/correct place for this type of question. But I have an existing .NET website which I am moving from our dedicated EC2 server to an Azure Web App.

However, this current site uses an .htaccess file with about 200 redirects (301 from old urls to new ones) which is powered by ISAPI rewrite (Which was installed manually on the Win2008 server).

I need to keep these redirects, but wondering how everyone else deals with permanent Url redirects on .NET applications when moving to an Azure Web App (From a dedicated server that had ISAPI rewrite installed)?

Putting them all in the web.config seems a little odd to me? And I don't know how that would affect performance?

Any advice or pointers would be appreciated as always.

How to configure Multiple Azure websites on Single Domain name

I have azure websites like

I have domain name which is nothing but my main azure website

I want to configure Url in a way like

url will redirect to azurewebsite and url will redirect to azurewebsite

I tried many things like CNAME configuration Manage domain but did not able to achieve this. any clue?