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EC2 instance inbound rule not working

I have an Apache server listening on port 10801 (running on Amazon linux EC2 instance). I have updated the inbound rule for the security group with custom TCP rule to allow all traffic to port 10801. The process is listening on port 10801

>> sudo netstat -tulpn | grep :10801
tcp        0      0 :::10801                    :::*                        LISTEN      24534/httpd

When i hit the port number from my browser, it simply spins and fails. I see multiple questions like this and almost every one asks to update the security group which i have done already. Still unable to reach the service through port 10801. Everything works if i run the server on port 80. Seems like im missing something here, any help is appreciated.

Installed lamp on ubuntu server on an ec2 amazon instance, still can’t access server through browser with apache running. Why?

I started an instance on amazon ec2, ami is ubuntu 14.04. I followed the steps on exactly up until "Transferring Files to Your Linux Instance Using the PuTTY Secure Copy Client" Since I don't need to put files on there just yet. Then I followed the following:

"To install the default LAMP stack in Ubuntu 10.04 and above First refresh your package index...

$ sudo apt-get update

... and then install the LAMP stack:

$ sudo apt-get install lamp-server^

Mind the caret (^) at the end. "

After that I tried

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

After which ubuntu said: httpd (pid 5549) already running

Yet when I try to browse with chrome to the public ip which shows in the amazon console I get

This webpage is not available


In my browser. What am I doing wrong?