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How to enable gzip in AWS EC2 Server for spring boot project?

I have already edited .htaccess file in server and implemented server.compression in jar as below. Even though its working in local-machine its not working in AWS EC2 instance,I have also made changes in .htaccess file also but no compression.

i have included following in


Can any one guide me to fix it. or any other way to compress response.

How to configure domains dynamically -mass virtual hosting [on hold]

I want to have a server setup which will allow my users to signup, create a user page and configure their domain name to point to the user page ( This is similar to how tumblr users can point their domain name to their tumblr page. My server URL should not be visible). The content served is all dynamic.

I know that I can configure multiple hosts on nginx, apache etc. However, I do not know how I can do this configuration on the fly, completely automated. Also I want to be able to host a very large number of domains say million +. I want to host the server on aws or azure. Please let me know the possible solutions.

Thanks in advance!