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appweb httpd cant find function maPhpHandlerInit when compiled php with ZTS

We have a custom build process for FreeBSD 7/PowerPC

We are using a custom app-web and we wanted to run PHP as an app-web module. We have enabled ZTS in the build and the compilation was a success.

When we start httpd we get the following error in the httpd.log:

httpd: 4: Probe for filename
httpd: 4: Probe for filename /usr/lib/
httpd: 4: Found package at /usr/lib/
httpd: 3: Loading module from /usr/lib/
httpd: Error: Can't load module /usr/lib/
Reason: can't find function "maPhpHandlerInit"
httpd: Error: Can't find stage phpHandler
httpd: Error: Can't add handler phpHandler

running httpd with gdb did not break...

How is it possible we are generating this error?