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Compile apk with custom values triggered by online web form

I have created a simple Android App that contains website URLs and different images -they are hardcoded in the App. I will upload the raw files (not APK) in an Ant Apache run server online to serve as template files. I am in the process of creating a website with a form that asks user to complete fields that replace aspects of the Android App that I have built, such as images and URL fields (websites). After user clicks "Submit", I want all of the user input fields to replace the respective fields in the template files. From the resources I've found online, a command line can be used to compile the RAW android files into an APK, but I don't know how to do this using an online server as I want this process to be automated and "on command" when a user fills out the form online to obtain a link to download their custom APK.

How am I able to run this build command triggered by user input on an online form and with the output of a newly generated APK with the user's input replacing .xml files and images of the App?