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What are feature not supported by Apache Metamodel Salesforce conenctor

I had gone through the API provided by Apache metamodel to connect, most of API are there which can help perform CURD operation. But, i am unable to find the features which are not supported by Apache metamodel API's. Is there any document reference for complete API guide and feature document for Apache metamodel connector ?

Apache MetaModel with poorly formatted Excel File

I have several excel files that are automatically generated by a system I don't have control over.

These excel files have a slightly unfortunate format, in that the first column is blank, the first row is blank, and there is a blank row between the headers and the data. An example format for these excel files would look like:

Excel File with blank rows 1 and 3, and blank columns A

I want to use Apache MetaModel to query and manipulate this data, but due to the poor format of these files, I can't open them with the usual DataContextFactory.createExcelDataContext() as the Default Schema doesn't select the Headers to be the names of my columns.

One solution I thought of would be to include Apache POI, and use that to delete the empty rows / columns before continuing to operate on them in MetaModel, but I'd hate to add such a large dependency for such a small part of the program.

I was wondering if MetaModel had any way for me to delete the blank data, before I have a good Schema? I'd like to be able to use Header One, Header Two ect as the names of my columns in MetaModel.

Thank you for your time!

how I execute create view query using DataContext of apache meta modal?

I have created a sample program using the DataContext class to get records from an oracle11g table, and write its data to CSV file.

Here is my code for getting table and write into a CSV.

  UpdateableDataContext dataContext = DataContextFactory.createCsvDataContext(tmpCSV);
    TableCreationBuilder table = callback.createTable(getDataContext().getDefaultSchema(),"Table1").execute();
    RowInsertionBuilder insert = callback.insertInto(table);
   //we are getting each column from each record and than run
//After inserting all records we are execute below command to insert data into csv

I want to do the same thing with creating a view, and putting its data into a CSV file.

How can I use DataContext in java for creating views, and then writing the view's data into a CSV file?