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Apache Logs Settings

I have developed a web page , that contains some automated tasks . Currently, in my access logs, I am receiving only the pages accessed by users.

How can I track, what option the user is selecting from the web page? Is it possible to get this information in the access-logs of Apache 2.2?

Please help me in resolving this problem.

How to deep print objects in Java upto N levels instead of default 1 level? [on hold]

I usually rely on


But some of the deeply nested classes are immune to charms of Mr. Jackson.

I also used


Neither of these approaches helped me get data beyond one level (ReflectionToStringBuilder gives at least one level data while ObjectMapper throws exception.)

Now I am trying to print a complex class like ServiceConsumer which is 5 or 6 levels deep.

My question is, how to deep-print Java object upto three n levels ?