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How to AOP aspectj in OSGi with Apache Felix

I'm currently working on an OSGi project. Without many experiences in AOP combined with OSGi, I would like to know how to best do AOP in an OSGi environment? We have implemented the AOP scenario to create a console that intercept the call to a bundle in order to store the elapsed time for each task started by this bundle. Today, this aspect has been deployed on a jboss container using the LoadTimeWeaver provided by aspectj (adding an agent to the jboss start script in order to instrument the jars in the container -javaagent:%APP_HOME%\application\lib\aspectjweaver-1.6.11.jar). I've read some articles about this problem, but did not find a solution that suits well for me. There is, for example, an Equinox Incubator project for AspectJ. But since I'm using Apache Felix and Bnd(tools) I want to avoid using something from Equinox. One requirement for the weaving process will be that it should be at load-time as well (a bundle for aspectj that instrument the method inside another bundle). Someone can share experiences with such a use case using AOP aspectj with OSGI Felix ?