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How can I manage the entities that a machine learning annotator has learned

How can I manage the entities that a machine learning annotator has learned.

I want to manage the entities that a machine learning annotator has.

Because I want an application to show only the documents associated with entities the M/L annotator has learned.

Not only because the M/L annotator is going to learn more and more things but also because the standards of filtering come from the entities of M/L annotator itself, it's meaningless filtering documents at the crawling session.

So I want to know that are there ways to manage the entities of the M/L annotator.

So I have a few questions.

  1. How can I make a facet including whole entities of M/L annotator so that when the facet is chosen by one then the one can see the documents that has something to do with M/L annotator has learned.

  2. Can I use or customize M/L annotator inside of the Content Analytics Studio? Or at least can I check or see some contents of M/L annotator in Content Analytics Studio? For example by using the PEAR file?

  3. Can I extract entities of the M/L annotator inside of the pipeline by using the custom annotator written by Java code?

  4. Are there any other ways to achieve what I want? Any ideas would be pleasurable. For examples, Can it be achieved by programming language such as Java? Can it be done by using API? If so, How should I use the API?

java web application failing to build

I'm new with annotations and building applications, so I apologize if it's too easy or I asked the wrong type question. I have a custom annotation like this :

public @interface Handler {
    Class value();

Now in a java file, say, I used this annotation like this

public void handleMsg(Msg msg) {
    ...//some code

Now when I tried to build the application, by doing this from the location of my build.xml file

ant rebuild content

it says


for this reason

/home/../somePath/ error: cannot find symbol


symbol: method value()

location: @interface Handler

I'm running java version "1.7.0_101" if it matters. Does it matter if maybe this was written with java version "1.7.0_45". Can someone explain why this's happening even though the class Msg exists in my project files?