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Apache Cordova Error when publishing app in the google play stores

I had searched every where i havnt got any solution regarding this error and i am not able to understand why i am getting this error i had no dangerous products in it please anybody guide are solution for that please this is the main activity did i need to make any changes in it?
public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity implements OnNavigationItemSelectedListener {

    DrawerLayout drawerLayout;
    View content;
    private ActionBarDrawerToggle mDrawerToggle;
    private boolean home = true;
    TextView tv_name,tv_phone;
    Session session;
    String seson_name,seson_phone;
    SharedPreferences.Editor logineditor;

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        // Session class instance
        session = new Session(getApplicationContext());
        // get user data from session
        HashMap<String, String> user = session.getUserDetails();
        // name
        seson_name = user.get(Session.KEY_UNAME);
        seson_phone= user.get(Session.KEY_PHONE);



this the project structure please check it how can add the cordova here Please check this to know the error from the google

I am trying to publish the App into playstores but its giving me for violating our dangerous products policy

this the error mail getting from the Google and i am using the Android studio for the development of apps i am not able to understand why i am getting this error because there no violence of the google developer policy

Vulnerability   APK Version(s)
Apache Cordova

The vulnerabilities were fixed in Apache Cordova v.3.5.1. For more information about the vulnerabilities, and for guidance on upgrading Apache Cordova, please see For other technical questions about Apache Cordova, please post to Stack Overflow and use the tags "android-security" and "cordova."