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Configure Apache ftpserver to run with root privileges in Android

I've embedded the Apache ftpserver in my Android application and I'm able to upload and download files to/from my phone using Ubuntu FTP client (Nautilus). I've a small question though. Is it possible to configure the embedded FTP server so that a client could be connected with root privileges to my device, so that I could remotely access Android system directory with read/write permissions? My Android device is rooted with su and busybox installed.

I've written the following snippet to gain read/write access to my SD card:

SharedPreferences getPrefs=PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(getBaseContext());
        boolean rwaccess = getPrefs.getBoolean("rwaccess", true);

        List<Authority> authorities = new ArrayList<Authority>();
        if (rwaccess)
            authorities.add(new WritePermission());

        authorities.add(new ConcurrentLoginPermission(0, 0));
        authorities.add(new TransferRatePermission(0, 0));

        anonUser = new BaseUser(testUser);

Thanks a lot for your help!