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Set attributes of libraries

I am developing an app in which I need to retrieve data from an online database and I am importing HttpClient, HttpEntity, HttpPost etc.

Now, the issue I have is the following message "no main manifest attribute, in C:\Users(......)"

hence I opened the of these libraries, but I can't find any error nor "attribute" field.

Example of HttpClient

Manifest-Version: 1.0
Implementation-Title: HttpComponents Apache HttpClient Cache
Implementation-Version: 4.5.1
Built-By: oleg
Specification-Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation
Created-By: Apache Maven 3.0.5
X-Compile-Source-JDK: 1.6
Implementation-Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation
Implementation-Vendor-Id: org.apache
Build-Jdk: 1.7.0_75
Specification-Title: HttpComponents Apache HttpClient Cache
Specification-Version: 4.5.1
Implementation-Build: tags/4.5.1-RC1/[email protected]; 2015-0
 9-11 14:53:18+0200
X-Compile-Target-JDK: 1.6
Archiver-Version: Plexus Archiver

I could not find any help on StackOverfFlow nor elsewhere on the internet: how can I set the attribute? Should I work also on the gradle file? Moreover, do I have to implement the manifests of ALL the libraries and in the SAME way?

Thanks in advance