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Send sms through android emulator and get it in mysql database or post it to a url/php script

I am working on a android application which can send a SMS to a predefined no. I want that, the SMS send by mobile will receive by My apache server.

I surf net a lot. There are many services which provides-

  1. A virtual no to send sms

  2. When virtual no received a sms, it posted(May be Get Request) this to a predefined URL and data may be processed further.

These services are not free.

I just want to test all this on my local machine with Android Emulator, Apache Server and whatever needed.

Apache Cordova for Visual Studio Android project issue

I have an html game that works perfectly on Windows Phone. I tried making a version for Android, and it works very well on the Ripple emulator, in an Apache Cordova for Visual Studio project. But if in Visual Studio I set "Android Emulator" as the emulator instead of Ripple, nothing works: the "drawimage" function does not draw anything at all, the html audio element does not play music, and it is very slow. Any suggestions?

Access to localhost ( Not Found

I saw a tutorial and It was fine until the guy did some wierd thing I couldn't find a way to do it to get my project running.
he could type in the url bar of emulator and get to localhost page of wampserver
so I tried it but at first I had permission denied error and I fixed it, now when I type I get "Not Found The requested URL / was not found on this server".
thanks for your help !
Even when I try in my computer it gives the same error
PS : is not a private adress, it stands for localhost in android emulator. in fact it gives me wampserver error so it's accessing localhost, I just need to get rid of the error.
Thank you all !