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Apache ActiveMQ Client-Broker Connection & EOF Exception

Let's say I have an application with one ActiveMQ broker and multiple clients, and that my broker is running on port [brokerPort]. From what I understand, when my clients establish a connection to the broker, a random port is chosen for the client to use i.e client1:[randomPort1]-> broker:[brokerPort], client2:[randomPort2] -> broker:[brokerPort], etc.

However, I've read a few posts that have said there is an ADDITIONAL connection made between the client and broker (other than the first established connection). I have read that this additional connection, also established on a random port, is the one the client and broker use to talk to each other.

So my question is, am I properly understanding the way the client and the broker make connections and talk to each other? And if I am understanding this correctly, could a timeout on the "talking" connection between client and broker cause constant to be thrown by the broker?