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AMFPHP and Content-Encoding gzip on Apache

I'm developing a Flash application with Flex and I use amfPHP for communicating with the PHP backend. Everything was fine since my web hoster changed from Confixx to Plesk and changed some settings on the web server, so after the change I've got always a "Net.Connection.Call.Failed HTTP: 200" error on the amfPHP service call. After some research I've realised that the response header was now send with "Content-Encoding gzip" and turned this off in the .htaccess file with "RequestHeader unset Accept-Encoding". After that, all was fine again with my services and they work now as before.

My Question is. Is there another way to go around this issue? Is there a setting for amfPHP, so it can work with gzip compression, or another best practise for it? Cause I develop a component for Joomla and so the component should work just after the installation without editing the .htaccess file or the web server configuration.

Thanks in advance.