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Does Alexa Skill Kit listen on other port of SSL (besides 443)

I created a skill from Alexa skill kits on Amazon development. The API endpoint is from my home server running PHP. It works fine but now I have another server running and is listening on port 444 (with SSL). I use same domain name and SSL certificate on this new server (Apache). But now Alexa skill kit doesn't seem to send anything to my API endpoint.

I don't know if the Alexa skill kit only sends request over 443 only or my set up is wrong?

For example, my current working node is:

My new server:

The reason for this weird 444 port is port 443 is taken on my home public ip (port forwarding). So I need my public IP to forward request to my new server if it sees port 444. I'm new to all this so please excuse all my noob set up here.