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New Aegir2 install, initial login page goes to install.php

I have installed Aegir2 using the manual installation instructions from the community site on a ubuntu 14.04 VM. Everything in the install went successfully. However, when I went to access the first login page I ran into some trouble.

I installed configuring the server as localhost. But I need to access this first page remotely. With some help, as I am a LAMP stack newbie, we were able to configure the virtual hosts and apache config files to serve up the install.php in the /var/aegir/hostmaster-6.x-2.0 directory. However, I can't seem to get the correct configuration to access the "localhost" site within the /var/aegir/hostmaster-6.x-2.0/sites/localhost directory. Can someone point me to my error or missing configuration. Do I need to update the localhost.conf in /var/aegir/config/server_master/apache/vhosts.d?