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Advertising or redirecting to new website

The website of our institution supports 30 languages and it has almost 400,000 articles. It's Global Rank in is always between 11000 to 11500 and we are always on the top 5 google result if any body search on what we are working. Every day we receive almost 200 emails from people all around the world.

We recently developed a new version of our website by Drupal with a slightly different URL. The old url is like this but the new one is LANGUAGE.EXAMPLE.COM so we need to somehow tell current users to visit the new website without loosing our Global and Google rank.

The most straightforward solution is to modify the header of our website and ask the users to visit the new one but our chief ask me to examine the redirecting method and see what the conclusions of doing this is going to be.

I would like to know If I redirect every* to will this effect our Global Rank on Google? Won't this redirection to the front page be a negative factor in Google? like 403 redirect? or Is there any better solution for our problem?

Note: There is no logical relationship between the content of old website to the new one. I mean there is no mapping between the contents so when a user visits a content in old website there is no way to redirect him to new website of the same content. He must be redirected to the front page