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Google and others are phasing out support of Adobe Flash. Will this affect applications made with Apache Flex

Adobe Flex is perfect for an application we sell. However we want to move this application to a server and have users access it online rather than having their own copy.

Adobe Flex and Flash are unsupported on android and from the looks of it this lack of support will spread.

Will this affect the use of our application if we build it with Apache Flex?

Adobe Flex again after 7 years… need advice of who still working with it

I need to work with Adobe (Apache?) Flex again but there is so much time that I don't remember a thing... need some advice of who is still active

do I still need to use Flex Builder? (which version it is?) should I take the framework from Apache right?

any links or web sites that I cant miss?

thank you very much in advance... not knowing very much where to start of.. any information will be very much appreciated

AEM error page setup at Apache when AEM is down

I am setting up ACS commons error page for different languages. The DispatcherPassError 0 is needed for ACS commons at the apache level for this. This has been setup successfully.

However I also need to make sure that another set of error pages at the Apache web server level has to be display when AEM is down. For this DispatcherPassError 1 has to be enabled.

How do I make sure that I configure both in a way that they work in their own specific circumstances.

Configure Apache web-server to enable SSI only on 404 page

I'm using Apache as a web server for Adobe AEM CMS.

When an user requests a non-existing resource, he/she gets 404 response from the CMS and in content of this response there is an SSI tag with link to the specific for this user error page. For example:

<!--#include virtual="/china/errors/404.html" -->

I want Apache looks for SSI tags only in responses with 404 code, not in responses with specific extension or in all responses.

Is it possible?