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PHP Access Mapped

I have a network location: "\\\pictures" (Unix SCO VisionFS 3.0), that anybody on the network can access and I need to access it from a PHP script running on Windows 7/8 Apache. I added it to my network locations in Windows 8 (doing development on 8, but need it to run on 7). However, when I go to run scandir() or opendir(), it gives me an "Access is denied" error. But, if I run it via command line (obviously as administrator), it works:

php -r " echo print_r(scandir('H:'),TRUE); "

The above code works in cmd.exe, but not when run on Apache. How can I allow access to the network drive/location for all users on the machine? Versus running the PHP script as admin?

Joomla xampp installed. Apache mysql already start. But can’t connect to mySQL

I have the problem the problem connect to joomla. It work before. I already start editing the back end. Next day I found this error

I already install joomla, XAMPP, create new folder (mygallery) inside htdocs. Open xampp control panel and start the apache and MySQL. But whenever i try to open the url to connect to joomla

for example: localhost/mygallery/administrator

there is the error shown

Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error: Could not connect to MySQL.

I have changed the database setting at the configuration.php still it didnt work --> Im very new to this stuff so any clear help would be so greatful.