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Genymotion loopback IP for apache2 virtual hosts in ubuntu.

I am stuck with the genymotion loopback ip address issue. I am running genymotion 2.3.0 android 4.4.4 over linux mint latest version. I have configured an https connection in my local developer machine to test my website, which I want to access in my emulator too.

The /etc/hosts of my computer contains the line: and I have installed SSL certificated for this ip address and website in apache2 httpd-ssl.conf file. what I really want is to access the website via genymotion emulator.

I tried to get this done using many methods as described in various blog posts and Stackoverflow answers, but none worked for me well.

My genymotion emulation /etc/hosts contains: localhost

But when I browse or ping it takes me to the xampp directory which is installed in my local machine.

Is there anyway to access the ip address in genymotion emulator? I looked for the loopback instruction in genymotion website, but I failed looking for one.

Kindly Help! Thanks in advance!