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Activiti BPM works with Eclipse neon?

I am new to Java development and working with Activiti BPM. I am getting started with them.

Activiti BPM says its verified with Eclipse Kepler. However I am using Eclipse Neon currently. I am trying to install Activiti plugin. It says it has to uninstall some plugins like Hana Cloud Plugins to continue with installation.

However I need both the plugins. So thought of using Eclipse Kepler to use Activiti BPM. But it supports till Apache Server 7 only ( and I have Apache 9 with Eclipse Neon )

Please suggest me a possible solution 1) Use Different eclipses to work with Hana Cloud Platform tools, Activiti BPM (Is it possible to setup multiple Apache Servers in same pc like Apache7 and Apache 9) 2) Can be done in Same Eclipse

May be its a quite silly question, please guide me as i am beginner.