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How do I get my Bugzilla setup to be accessed from the web? [on hold]

I finally got my Bugzilla to access from http://localhost:8079/bugzilla, so it works locally. How do I get it to be access from a web url (ex. I read that you do not need to buy a domain name. I am using Active Perl, Apache2.4, and MySQL. How do I get it online so that other may access it (by username and password)? I need a fully qualified domain name (FQDN), but I'm not sure how to set that up or create one.

Bugzilla test failed at fetch of images/padlock.png

I have been trying to get Bugzilla up and running for over a week now, and my deadline is tonight. I had it working on http:// localhost/bugzilla/ yesterday, but when I tried to tinker with everything to try to get in viewable online for others to see, something stopped my localhost from working entirely. I got frustrated and reinstalled Apache2.4, and re-setup everything, including with My localhost isn't working, and when I run this in command line: C:\Bugzilla> http://localhost/bugzilla, I am getting: TEST-FAILED Fetch of images/padlock.png failed Your web server could not fetch http:// localhost/bugzilla/images/padlock.png. Check your web server configuration and try again. I followed every step of setting up Bugzilla at and I am on Windows 7. I even attempted the step of running Apache as a different user on my computer, sort of like a server user. I have ever done this before, and I have never directly worked with servers before. I am just a standard programmer, and desperately need this done by tonight. Once I get passed this, I need to know how to make it accessible on the web, without purchasing a domain name (I saw that all of this allows you to host and have the domain yourself).

Update: Apache service is definitely running, and localhost:8079 works after changing the port, but it still isn't accessing bugzilla still with localhost:8079/bugzilla or localhost/bugzilla (it says Not Found - HTTP Error 404).