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Apache Ace has an error: Unable to handle server responsecode: 500

My steps are as follows:

  1. Start the ACE server


java -Dorg.osgi.service.http.port=9000  -Dorg.apache.ace.server=localhost:9000  -Dorg.apache.ace.obr=localhost:9000      -jar server-allinone.jar
  1. Start an ACE target

java    -Dagent.identification.agentid=target123   -Dagent.discovery.serverurls=  -Ddiscovery=  -jar ace-launcher.jar  fwOption=org.osgi.service.http.port=5678 
  1. Provisioning software
    • Go to the ACE web-based UI. If your target is up and running, it should be displayed in the "Targets" column with a name of target123;
    • To persist the changes, you can use the Store button at the top of the screen.

[ERROR] 15:26:59 (controller) Deployment update aborted due to Exception. Unable to handle server responsecode: 500, for
        at org.apache.ace.agent.impl.ConnectionUtil.checkConnectionResponse(Conn

How do I fix this?

Apache ACE together with Apache Felix embedded in Tomcat?

I am wondering whether there is a more or less easy solution for the following situation. We have a web application that is using OSGI bundles. The application is deployed in Tomcat and embeds the Apache Felix framework as described in the documentation of Apache Felix. These are the prerequisites which cannot be changed.

Is it possible to use Apache ACE with this setup in order to distribute the bundles? The target.jar of Apache ACE comes with its own OSGI container which seems to make it hard to combine it with the one in our application. Is there an easy way to achieve this? The Apache ACE documentation is not that elaborate in this point.