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PHP long script – "Aborted" status

I have a php script which connects to the SFTP server, downloads files (book covers) from the specific directory, copies images to my server and update information about books in my database (set path to cover image).

For working with SFTP I use Net_SFTP class.

When I run this script for SFTP server which contains about 7000 images, eventually I receive "Aborted" status. After nearly 10-14 minutes of execution script stops.

I can not find any error message in the site log file (where we write all warning, critical errors etc). My question is in what file I can find mention of this error? Is it possible that script has been aborted without writing details to any log file? We have Apache on the CentOS.

P.S. Already increased "max_execution_time" parameter to 3600. Didn't help.


I tried

ini_set('max_execution_time', 0);

in the beginning of the script. No luck.


I don't always see "Aborted" status. Usually browser shows loading indicator while scrip has already stopped (aborted?) on the server. Any ideas why it can happen?