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PHP 64bit on Windows and strtotime above 2038 not work

I'm aware of the year 2038 problem in PHP because of the 32bit limitation of integer values. I know that i need a 64bit system to make it working. Well, i've done so, i installed Apache 2.4.12 Win64 and PHP Version 5.6.6RC1 - Thread Safe 64bit for windows. I'm also on windows 7 64bit. And my problem is, strtotime still cannot handle dates higher than year 2038. Maybe there's a struggle in my head but i can't find the problem. I asking explicitly for strtotime, i know the solution of DateTime which is working, but i have old projects that uses lot of strtotime. Also i cannot get rid of the windows platform, it's just so here in our company :(

// output: bool(false)

Here is my phpinfo output enter image description here