Shared folder in VirtualBox for Apache

My host machine is ArchLinux and I'm running Apache in a CentOS guest. I have the vhost configuration and all the site code in a shared folder. To be able to put the vhost configuration in a shared folder I mounted the shared folder as apache:apache.

shared    /mnt/shared    vboxsf    defaults,uid=48,gid=48  0 0

When I'm editing files in the host, Apache will consistently start sending old versions of the file with trailing characters. In vim, they show up as ^@, so I guess they're null characters. The number of null characters is related to the number of changes I make even if I edit the first line, null characters show up at the end. If I were to speculate, it looks like a bad diff.

If I stop httpd, umount, remount, and start httpd the file looks fine. Just restarting httpd doesn't help.

How would I go about debugging the mount? Nothing jumped out at me in /var/log.

Server showing php script as it is without executing

I have made a subdomain and uploaded php script on that. but php code is shown there included file are also not shown on page.

In description, i have made a sub domain All project done in php on locally when is uploaded it to the srever (in the root flder of only html css and jquery is running php code is shown there as it is. How may i handle this plese help me.

Apache KeepAlive on API Server

I have a LAMP server (Quad Core Debian with 4GB RAM, Apache 2.2 and PHP 5.3) with Rackspace which is used as an API Server. I would like to know what is the best KeepAlive option for Apache given our setup.

  • The API server hosts a single PHP file which responds with plain JSON. This is a fairly hefty file which performs some MySql reads/writes and quite a few Memcache lookups.
  • We have about 90 clients that are logged into the system at any one time.
  • Roughly 1/3rd of clients would be idle.
  • Of the active clients (roughly 60) they send a request to the API every 3 seconds.
  • Clients switch from active to idle and vice versa every 15 or 20 minutes or so.

With KeepAlive On, the server goes nuts and memory peaks at close to 4GB (swap is engaged etc). With KeepAlive Off, the memory sits at 3GB however I notice that Apache is constantly killing and creating new processes to handle each connection.

So, my three options are:

  1. KeepAlive On and KeepAliveTimeout Default - In this case I guess I will just need to get more RAM.
  2. KeepAlive On and KeepAliveTimeout Low (perhaps 10 seconds?) If KeepAliveTimeout is set at 10 seconds, will a client maintain a constant connection to that one process by accessing the resource at regular 3 second intervals? When that client becomes idle for longer than 10 seconds will the process then be killed? If so I guess option 2 looks like the best one to go for?

  3. KeepAlive Off This is clearly best for RAM, but will it have an impact on the response times due to the work involved in setting up a new process for each request?

Which option is best?