How to choose between Jersey, Apache Wink and JBoss RESTEasy? [closed]

I just heard about Apache Wink, and I was wondering what differences it had compared to Jersey or JBoss RESTEasy. What can be done in one that the other two can't?

We've been using Jersey for some of our internal projects mostly for it's simplicity, but I can't really figure out what makes these other two any better that I would consider switching. Does anyone have any use-cases for which niche each of these fills?

How does Linux determine the next PID?

How does Linux determine the next PID it will use for a process? The purpose of this question is to better understand the Linux kernel. Don't be afraid to post kernel source code. If PIDs are allocated sequentially how does Linux fill in the gaps? What happens when it hits the end?

For example if I run a PHP script from Apache that does a <?php print(getmypid());?> the same PID will be printed out for a few minutes while hit refresh. This period of time is a function of how many requests apache is receiving. Even if there is only one client the PID will eventually change.

When the PID changes, it will be a close number, but how close? The number does not appear to be entirely sequential. If I do a ps aux | grep apache I get a fair number of processes:

enter image description here

How does Linux choose this next number? The previous few PID's are still running, as well as the most recent PID that was printed. How does apache choose to reuse these PIDs?