Using PHP/Apache to restrict access to static files (html, css, img, etc)

Lets say you have lots of html, css, js, img and etc files within a directory on your server. Normally, any user in internet-land could access those files by simply typing in the full URL like so:

Now, what if you only want authorized users to be able to load those files? For this example, lets say your users log in first from a URL like this:

How would you allow the logged in user to view the index.html file (or any of the files under "static-files"), but restrict the file to everyone else?

I have come up with two possible solutions thus far:

Solution 1
Create the following .htaccess file under "static-files":

Options +FollowSymLinks  
RewriteEngine on  
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ ../authorize.php?file=$1 [NC]

And then in authorize.php...

if (isLoggedInUser()) readfile('static-files/'.$_REQUEST['file']);
else echo 'denied';

This authorize.php file is grossly over simplified, but you get the idea.

Solution 2
Create the following .htaccess file under "static-files":

Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Allow from

And then my login page could append that .htaccess file with an IP for each user that logs in. Obviously this would also need to have some kind of cleanup routine to purge out old or no longer used IPs.

I worry that my first solution could get pretty expensive on the server as the number of users and files they are accessing increases. I think my second solution would be much less expensive, but is also less secure due to IP spoofing and etc. I also worry that writing these IP addresses to the htaccess file could become a bottleneck of the application if there are many simultaneous users.

Which of these solutions sounds better, and why? Alternatively, can you think of a completely different solution that would be better than either of these?